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HDMI is simply the highest quality digital media cable available. HDMI is the latest state-of-art, easy to use digital video/audio interconnect. HDMI cable uses a single connection to carry both digital video and audio. HDM cables ensures the highest quality digital video for the most sophisticated High Definition Theatre Setups. HDMI transmits using100% digital from the source to your display. Keeping the video signals in its native digital format eliminates artifacts, loss of resolution due to D/A and A/D conversion. HDMI ensures that you are getting the best quality picture from your HDTV display.


  • High Bandwidth
  • All Digital Interconnects and cables
  • For High Definition video (720p and 1080p) or standard definition
  • Passes digital video and audio in single cable!
  • HDMI is backward compatible with DVI



HDMI male connector



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HDMI(male) to HDMI(male) Single Link Cable - 6ft

(limit 5 / customer)



HDMI(male) to HDMI(male) Single Link Cable - 15ft
HDMI(male) to HDMI(male) Single Link Cable - 25ft $25
HDMI(male) to HDMI(male) Single Link Cable - 35ft $35
HDMI(male) to HDMI(male) Single Link Cable - 50ft $50
HDMI male connector
HDMI to HDMI cable

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