Octava-HD3VGA Presentation Switch

Check out our latest HD video switch for class room, meeting room installations or any application requiring the flexibility of selecting between multiple HDMI or a VGA source.

The HD3VGA Presentation Switch enables source selection of 3 HDMI sources, or 1 VGA source to a HD display. The HD3VGA incorporates a VGA to HDMI converter/scaler that converts and scales the VGA input to automatically fit on standard 720p or 1080p HD screens.

The HD3VGA can be installed as table top unit or mounted under table ( mounting racks included)

Octava-4×4 HDMI Matrix with Digital Audio Output.

Check out the new Fast Switching 44UDHMX HDMI matrix. Per our client and integrator request, we have reduced the switching time and added a digital audio output for audio system integration.

The Octava Pro series 44UHDMX HDMI Matrix Switch allows you to route 4 HD sources to any 4 HD displays. The 4×4 HDMI matrix allows 256 viewing combination of 4 HD sources on 4 HDTVs. The 4×4 HDMI Matrix switch utilizes the latest switching technology to provide very Fast Switching.

HDMI matrix, HDMI switch

The Pro Series 44UHDMX supportsFull 1080P HD . The unit is 1 RU Rack mountable for professional installations. In addition, the 44UHDMX incorporates sophisticated EDID management and an USB service port for customization to your theater system. An Optical Audio Output is provided for integration with audio system.

RS-232 serial interface is provide for integrating with 3rd party control systems.


  • Full HD 1080P
  • 4 HDMI inputs, 4 HDMI outputs.
  • Fast Switching
  • 256 viewing combinations
  • Supports high resolution video 480p, 720i/p, 1080i/p
  • Optical Audio Output for integration with audio system
  • EDID Management , USB service port for customization needs.
  • RS-232 control
  • Remote Control (IR) included. Discrete Code allows direct channel control.
  • External IR Jack for extension
  • 1 RU mountable ( rack mount included)

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Octava HDMI Matrix over Single CATx – Video.Audio.Control.PoE -200ft

Check out the Octava HD4xSTPMX CardFrame HDMI Matrix designed per our System Integrator and client request. The new Octava CardFrame Matrix distributes any 4 HDMI Sources to up to 8 Zones. Connect each Zone Receiver via a single CAT6 cable. The Matrix can be configured with 1 to 8 outputs for enhanced system flexibility . The plug-in output cards enable your System Installer to add zones as required with minimum initial investment. Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides power to your Zone Receivers for clean and convenient installations.


• 4 HDMI inputs.
• Up to 8 outputs (Installer configurable).
• Non-blocking Matrix – view Any Source on Any Display.
• 3D, 1080P resolutions supported.
• Distributes all signals over single CAT6 cables up to 200ft (60m).

– HD Video + Audio

– Power over Ethernet provides power to Zone Receivers.

– IR from remote Zones to control the Matrix, 4x Sources (Routed) plus your AVR.

– IR and RS-232 command forwarding via Matrix to each Zone.
• EDID Management plus custom EDID via USB and LAN port.
• Front Panel Control – allows users to Store and Quickly recall favorite Input/Output configurations.
• Ideal for Residential, Commercial and Sports Bar installations.
HDMI matrix switch

Octava Introduces Audio Video over IP Extender Solution

Octava  announces  the introduction of the next generation Audio Video over IP extender solution. The Octava HDDSX– digital video extender is a scalable HD video distribution solution enabling the design of multi display systems using standard Gigabit Ethernet LAN. The HDDSX simplifies installation of HD Video system by using available CAT 5e/6 cable and Gigabit Ethernet LAN switch.  The HDDSX utilizes advanced MJPEG techniques and IP protocol to deliver 1080p video up to 300ft over standard CAT5e cable.  Ideal for digital signage, house of worship, education, hospital applications requiring multiple displays over longer distances using existing LAN infrastructure.

The Octava HDDSX extender consists of a transmitter and receiver unit and supports HDMI , Display Port and DVI.  The HDDSX can be used for:

1) source to single display (point to point) application

2)  multi display (1 to many) application.

For a single HD display application, simply connect the transmitter and receiver unit  with a CAT5e cable for link distance up to 300ft.  A scalable multi-display systems can be created by connecting the transmitter and multiple receiver(s) thru an unmanaged Gigabit LAN switch.

Octava HDDSX Audio Video over IP extender solution

“We are excited to provide a HD video distribution solution over IP that is simple-to-use and simple-to-expand.  Using IP protocol  and advanced MJPEG, the Octava DSSX  AV over IP solution  enables our clients to leverage their available  LAN equipment ( CAT 5e cables and Gigabit Ethernet switches) without  significant video quality trade off. This allows clients  to deliver more HD Video and audio services on site in an efficient manner” said Jeffrey Su,  Product Manager at Octava.

Read our interview from this months HomeToy:

What is HD Video Distribution over LAN?

HD Video Distribution over LAN is a scalable HD video distribution solution enabling the design of multi display systems.

Simply put, HD Video Distribution allows HD video distribution over standard Ethernet LAN Network.  Its the convergence of  Audio Video  distribution with standard IT technologies.

In essence, there are 3 core components in the system: 1)  video to IP .Coder ( transmitter).  2)IP to Video . Decoder ( receiver) and of course the  LAN cables and Ethernet Switch to connect CODECs.

What are the link distances of HD Video over LAN?

We can deliver 1080P HD video over 300ft over a cat5e. In general, the limit is based on limits of Ethernet, which is 300ft.

Why use HD Video Distribution over LAN?

Video over LAN /IP uses the same packetized network  protocols as the internet and on the physical layer it uses standard Ethernet connections. Most of the deployment sites will be in hospitality, house of worship, education, retail and health care market requiring multiple video displays over longer distances.  In these markets, there is already an IT manager on site.  By using technologies familiar to the IT group, the installation and maintenance of HD Video Distribution will be 2nd nature. I also would like to add that  many sites will be adding or upgrading to HD displays and  have pre-run CAT5e cables which now can be utilized to now distribute HD video.

Are there any drawbacks disadvantages ?

Great question. In  engineering parlance we say: ” you can’t get something for nothing.”  In order to deliver HD Video over IP/LAN, obviously the data size has to be limited. In HD Video LAN/IP , video compression such as MJPEG is used to minimize bandwidth while maximizing video quality.  Native HD Video will ALWAYS be better than compressed MJPEG rendition.   HD VIdeo over IP/LAN will  typically  be used in application  where easy of use, reliability, distance and scalability  is more desired and clients are willing to trade- off some video quality to achieve this.  WIth that said, MJPEG is an advanced compression technique and video quality is still very very good.

So is HD Video over LAN/IP for everyone?

NO. We believe in understanding our clients application and needs first.  It depends on the application. For example, if the client application is for a 4 display system at the church to host the service or if its a 50 display system for digital signage in a shopping center, then HD over LAN will fit the application. On the other hand,  if the application is for a HOME theater, where the client will want the highest quality video available, we would provide solutions that distributes the video in native quality which by the way ,we have solutions for as well.

What are some of the most common applications for the technology that you are seeing at present?

House of Worship where there is a need to distribute video of the sermon or presentation to multiple monitors for  the main congregation and  the overflow rooms where the distance are typically 100-300ft.

Also in business  where there is a need to distribute multiple messages/presentations to the HD displays on site.

Are there some applications that you think would be effective but as yet are not being deployed?

Certainly education will continue to be major user of Audio Video to enhance the learning process and getting messages out to students in an efficient manner. So I think the potential in education as well as health care AV has huge potential.

How does the cost of this technology compare with other methods of distribution?

The  system is scalable which is a major advantage in terms of cost. Systems can be initially deployed to meet the current of HD Displays needed. If more displays are needed, simply add a DECODER( Receiver) unit next to the display.

Also, the physical layer of the HD Video Over LAN/IP is Ethernet so cost of adding/installing cables is minimal.

Looking forward, do you see other technologies on the horizon that will further advance the use of the LAN for HD Video distribution?

Certainly businesses are utilizing HD displays to get the message to the clients so  digital signage will continue to be a driver for the HD Video over LAN.


More product info at:www.octavainc.com


Octava-4×2 HDMI Matrix over CAT 6 Cable

Octava introduces the HD42CATMX, 4×2 HDMI matrix switch over CAT cable,as part of the Pro HD video distribution product line.
Based on the popular HD44CATMX, the HD42CATMX allows sharing of 4 High Definition sources to 2 ‘remote’ Zones over dual CAT6 cables! The HD42CATMX is a non-blocking matrix – view any Source on Any Display in 16 combinations. The HD42CATMX can additionally connect to a Local Display or AV Receiver over HDMI and Optical Digital Audio.  The HD42CATMX was designed to suite systems that require 2-3 displays with all the professional features of a larger matrix switch such as: RS-232 controls, infared remote control routing,service port for EDID management and Power over Cable for the in Room zone receivers.

-View any 4 Source devices simultaneously on 2 ‘Remote’ Display devices + 1 Local “mirrored” HDMI output.
-HDMI and CAT RJ-45 active simultaneously (allows for 3 displays or 2 Display + 1 AV Receiver)
-Infrared IR Routing over CAT allows IR control of Matrix plus Source devices.
-Broadcast IR port allows you to control an AV Receiver from one or both Remote Zones.
-PoC (Power over Cable) to directly power both In-room Zone Receivers from the matrix over the CAT6 cables allowing for a clean and compact installation.
-1 RU Rack mountable for professional installations.
-EDID Management plus custom EDID via USB service port.

Octava 4x2 HDMI matrix over CAT 6 cable


Octava VGAHD11,VGA to HDMI Upscaling Converter

In response to installer/integrator request for integrating VGA (analog) with Octava HD digital distribution equipment, Octava has added VGAHD11,VGA to HDMI Upscaling converter, to its  product solutions. The VGAHD11 digitizes incoming analog VGA signal and upscales to  720P or 1080P HDTV resolutions. Upscaling to 720 P or 1080P resolutions ensures that VGA output “fits” the full HDTV screen with no image shifting or alignment issues.

The VGAHD11 VGA to HDMI converter will enable our customers in the education,commercial and house of worship market to integrate legacy analog VGA equipment with Octava HD digital distribution equipment.


Octava HD41-ARC at Liberty Science Center

Octava HD41-ARC HDMI Switch installed by Liberty Science Center.
Dedicated to bringing the excitement of science to people of all ages, Liberty Science Center houses seven museum exhibition halls, a 3D theater, the nation’s largest IMAX Dome Theater, live simulcast surgeries, tornado and hurricane-force wind simulators, K-12 classrooms and labs, and teacher-development programs. 600,000 students, teachers, and parents visit the science center each year, and tens of thousands more benefit from the center’s off-site and online programs.


More info at : www.octavainc.com


HDMI Switch with Digital Optical audio Enables Simple Audio Integration with non -HDMI AV Amp

Octava Inc,solutions provider for HD digital video connectivity  has introduced the HD41-ARC HDMI switch for integration of audio video with new ARC enabled Displays and legacy non-HDMI AV amps.

In response to customers for a solution for integrating with legacy non-HDMI AV Amps, the HD41-ARC provides : HDMI to optical audio conversion, direct Optical audio switching, and HDMI ARC to optical audio conversion to enable owners of new ARC enabled displays to listen to the TV’s inbuilt  Web/IP applications  or Freeview tuner via their AV Receiver using an Optical connection between the HD41-ARC HDMI Switch and the  legacy non-HDMI AV Amp. The optical audio ouput can be independently switched, so users can view HD video and listen to an alternative audio stream via Optical input.

In addition, the HD41-ARC is fully 1RU rack mountable and includes RS-232 serial control port for professional/commercial application.


  • HDMI inputs x 4
  • Optical Toslink  Audio inputs x 4
  • Optical Toslink  Audio output  x 1
  • HDMI output with ARC support x 1
  • 1 RU rack mountable
  • IR jack for use with an IR Extender head
  • RS-232 serial port for control system integration

More info at: www.octavainc.com