Octava-4×2 HDMI Matrix over CAT 6 Cable

Octava introduces the HD42CATMX, 4×2 HDMI matrix switch over CAT cable,as part of the Pro HD video distribution product line.
Based on the popular HD44CATMX, the HD42CATMX allows sharing of 4 High Definition sources to 2 ‘remote’ Zones over dual CAT6 cables! The HD42CATMX is a non-blocking matrix – view any Source on Any Display in 16 combinations. The HD42CATMX can additionally connect to a Local Display or AV Receiver over HDMI and Optical Digital Audio.  The HD42CATMX was designed to suite systems that require 2-3 displays with all the professional features of a larger matrix switch such as: RS-232 controls, infared remote control routing,service port for EDID management and Power over Cable for the in Room zone receivers.

-View any 4 Source devices simultaneously on 2 ‘Remote’ Display devices + 1 Local “mirrored” HDMI output.
-HDMI and CAT RJ-45 active simultaneously (allows for 3 displays or 2 Display + 1 AV Receiver)
-Infrared IR Routing over CAT allows IR control of Matrix plus Source devices.
-Broadcast IR port allows you to control an AV Receiver from one or both Remote Zones.
-PoC (Power over Cable) to directly power both In-room Zone Receivers from the matrix over the CAT6 cables allowing for a clean and compact installation.
-1 RU Rack mountable for professional installations.
-EDID Management plus custom EDID via USB service port.

Octava 4x2 HDMI matrix over CAT 6 cable


CVSV11 Composite/S-video to HDMI Upscaling converter

In response to installer/integrator request for integrating legacy analog video equipment ( composite and S-video)with Octava HD digital distribution equipment, Octava has added CVSV11,composite/S-video to HDMI Upscaling converter, to its  product solutions. The CVSV11 digitizes incoming analog composite or S-video and upscales to 720P or 1080P HDTV resolutions.

The CVSV11 composite/S-video to HDMI  Upscaling converter will enable our customers in the education,commercial and house of worship market to integrate legacy analog video equipment with Octava HD digital distribution equipment.

Composite / S-video to HDMI converter scaler back  viewComposite / S-video to HDMI converter scaler front view


Octava-HDMI Audio Converter with ARC

Octava-Norcross Ga. introduces  new HDMI Audio converter with ARC feature.

The HD11-ARC HDMI audio converter can extract audio from any HDMI source including an ARC enabled HDTV.The HD11-ARC is designed to  integrate with existing non-HDMI audio receivers

The HD11-ARC can be configured as an EDID Emulator allowing you to ‘force’ your Source to output your preferred Video and Audio signal format – ideal where you want to force your Source to Output the native resolution of your Display device or Output 5.1 audio when your connected Display device only supports Stereo audio.The HD11-ARC can be connected directly to the HDMI Output of your Source device or ‘cascaded’ on the HDMI Output of your Octava HDMI Switch.

An EDID Library with commonly used EDID will be provided for downloads from www.Octavainc.com