Octava-HD14CATDA HDMI Distribution Amp

The Octava- HD14CATDA HDMI distribution amp is designed for home and professional installations enabling a hd source to be displayed on multiple displays. The HD14CATDA consists 1 HDMI output for connection to a “local” display placed near the source device and 3 CAT6 outputs for connecting to remote displays up to 100ft using the in room zone receivers.

The HD14CATDA provides POC, power over cable, to power the in room zone receivers directly over the CAT6 cables thus simplifying installation by eliminating  cumbersome wall plug power supplies near the ultra slim displays. The HD14CATDA also routes IR from each of the in room zone receivers back to the main distribution amp to control the source device via IR.

The HD14CATDA can be installed vertical wall mount , tabletop configuration, or in standard 1RU rack mount with the included 1RU mounting brackets.