CVSV11 Composite/S-video to HDMI Upscaling converter

In response to installer/integrator request for integrating legacy analog video equipment ( composite and S-video)with Octava HD digital distribution equipment, Octava has added CVSV11,composite/S-video to HDMI Upscaling converter, to its  product solutions. The CVSV11 digitizes incoming analog composite or S-video and upscales to 720P or 1080P HDTV resolutions.

The CVSV11 composite/S-video to HDMI  Upscaling converter will enable our customers in the education,commercial and house of worship market to integrate legacy analog video equipment with Octava HD digital distribution equipment.

Composite / S-video to HDMI converter scaler back  viewComposite / S-video to HDMI converter scaler front view


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