Scheduling PoE On and Off automatically

The Octava HDLAN Video Over IP Transmitters and Receivers are IEEE 802.3af PoE powered devices therefore power to the HDLAN transmitters and receivers are supplied over the ethernet cables thru a PoE supported Network Switch.

Scheduling automatic PoE powering ON and OFF to the HDLAN transmitters and receivers is simple using the Octava HDLAN Controller and eliminates unecessary power consumption.


1. Octava HDLAN Controller with Internet access

2. Supported Network switch must be from the list:

Cisco SG350-28P, SG350-48P,

Ubiquiti Edgeswitch-24,Ubiquiti Edgeswitch-48


Step 1 Access the PoE Timer on the HDLAN Controller:

Step 2 Set the ON and OFF times.

Note- please verify the Server Time matches your current time

Step 3: Save