The Octava AVLAN | PoE  HD over LAN /IP is an easy to use, scalable HD video switching solution enabling the design of multi-source to multi-video display systems using standard ethernet cables.

The AVLAN | PoE  HD simplifies installation of Video system by using available CAT 5e/6 cable and a Gigabit Ethernet LAN switch. The AVLAN | PoE utilizes advanced MJPEG techniques and IP protocol to deliver 4K@30Hz video 300ft+ feet.   Transmitter and Receiver units are PoE compatible and can be directly powered from PoE Network Switch.  External power plugs are not required, allowing for clean and compact installations. 

The AVLAN | PoE  system is based on a scalable architecture thus enables system designers the flexibility of adding video sources or displays to the system as needed with minimum effort.

A customizable Control App for tablets simplifies system controls.

Ideal solution for Sports Bar TVs, Restaurant TVs  or any application requiring multiple source to multiple TV distribution and controls.

  • Multi  Source to Multi Screen Video Distribution 
  • Scalable Architecture- Easily Add Sources or Screens as Needed.
  • Ideal for Large Scale Video Switching Applications Up to 255 Screens.
  • Efficient Bandwidth utilization- coexist with data traffic on network
  • 4K@30Hz Video Resolution
  • 2 Ch Audio
  • Powered from PoE Network Switch. Just plug in network cables.
  • Simple to Install
  • 300 ft Link Distance over CATx Cables. Longer Distances Achievable.
  • Control Web App – Easily create Zones, Video Inputs|Ouputs for simple operation

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Tech Specifications

octava hdmi video over ip HD

Video Resolution

480P, 720P, 1080i/P, 4k@30Hz.

octava hdmi video over ip audio

Audio Out

2 Ch PCM

octava hdmi video over ip hdmi


TX Unit In : 1
RX Unit Out : 1

octava hdmi video over ip connect

Network Bandwidth and Link Distance

Bandwidth : ~20 Mbps per TX Video Channel
330 ft . CAT 5e/6 cabling recommended

HDMI video over ip matrix switch

N x M Video Matrix

Build Virtually Any Sized Video Matrix Switch. (Contact Us for Details)

octava hdmi video over ip ir remote control icon

IR Extension

IR control from Display back to Source

HDMI video over ip power

PoE or Local Powering

PoE Powered Conforming to IEEE 802.3af or 802.3at.
PoE Power Consumption < 6 Watts
Local Power Option from 5 VDC Available.


3.7 x 4.0 x 1 Inches ( 9.3 x 10.16 x 2.5 cm) Length x Width x Height

Android Control App for AVLAN

Compatible with Cisco CBS 250/350 network switches. Download APK file

Windows Desktop App

Compatible with Cisco CBS 250/350 network switches. Download .zip file

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