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The HD100STP HDMI extender simplifies HD video connectivity using 1 CAT6 cable. The HD100STP is a multi-format extender that extends 1080p, 4K ultra HD video and Advanced bitstream multichannel audio formats 300ft on 1 single CAT 6 cable.

The HD100STP also extends IRRS-232 controls and PoE power thus simplifying installations.

Utilizes Power over Ethernet , PoE, to directly power the connected HD100STP-RX receiver thus allowing clean and compact installations. The HD100STP automatically enters Power Save mode when the attached display is turned OFF for optimal power conservation.

Bi-directional  IR and RS-232 extension enable easy integration and control of all connected devices via remote or 3rd part control systems.

  • Extend HD video over 1 single CAT6A cable up to 300ft
  • Native uncompressed 1080P,
  • Ultra HD 4k2k (3840×2160@60Hz)
  • Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Tru HD, DTS Master Audio pass thru.
  • Power over Ethernet, PoE, provides power to Zone Receiver unit
  • Bi-Directional IR Send IR from display side to source side OR vice versa
  • Wideband IR 20-60 KHz circuitry for maximum IR remote compatibility.
  • CEC passthru
  • RS-232 extension for controlling display device.
  • wall mount tabs included
  • Auto Power Save mode when display turned OFF for optimal power conservation.

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Tech Specifications

octava hdmi video over ip HD

Video Resolution

1080P (60/50/24) , 4K.
Uncompressed high definition (HD) video: 1080p@60Hz@36 bits 1080p@60Hz@48 bits, 4K x 2K

octava hdmi video over ip hdmi


In : 1
Out : 1

octava hdmi video over ip connect icon

Link Distance

300ft over CAT6

HDMI video over ip usb

RS-232 Extension

RS-232 Extension

HDMI video over ip ir remote control

IR Extension

Bi-Directional IR Extension
Send IR from display to source OR vice versa.
Wideband IR 20-60 KHz circuitry for maximum IR remote compatibility using Octava supplied IR cables.

HDMI video over ip power


48 VDC. Directly Power the Receiver over CAT 6 cables. No power supply Required Near Display End.


Wall Mounts Included


TX: 4.5 x 2.8 x 1.1 Inches (11.5 x 7.1x 2.9 cm) Length x Width x Height
RX: 4.5 x 3.3 x 1.1 Inches (11.5 x 8.3x 2.9 cm)


Octava HD100STP Extender

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