Updating Cisco CBS 250 / 350 Startup Config

The startup configuration is the configuration your Cisco Network Switch run on when they reboot or power up. The following is the procedure for updating the Startup Configuration.

  1. Connect the Cisco switch to your Network
  2. Use a Network Scanner ( for example Fing) to determine the IP address of the Cisco Switch

3. Open a Browser and enter the IP address of the Cisco Switch

4. Login in the Cisco Switch using the default

User Name = cisco

Password = cisco

5. Change the default User Name and Password . Please make note of your choice.

6. Update the Startup File

Go to Administration / File Operations.

Selected Update File

Select Startup Configuration


Chose the file that you have been provided with.

7. Press ‘Apply’

8. Perform an Immediate Reboot

Go to Administration

Select Reboot

Select Immediate

9. Wait for Reboot to complete. Done.