Latency of Video Over IP

Video Over IP technology requires that incoming video be encoded at the transmitter unit and then decoded at the receiver unit.  The encoding and decoding time manifests itself as latency. For vast majority of applications, the latency does not at all affect the viewing experience. To put into perspective, satellite based TV providers locate their satellites in ‘geo-synchronous’ orbit ( ~22,000 miles above earth).  The propagation time of the uplink and downlink , NOT including any processing ( video compression , Forward Error Correction, video decompression), is 240mS.  The viewer does not ‘experience’ any of the delay because there is no ‘0’ second reference point.

The PRO DSX Video Over IP processing latency varies from  few mS  with typical being ~ 16mS to 32 mS.

Below is a diagram showing the time delta of a direct feed vs the video over ip. Note that the direct video feed ( left screen) is 30 mS ahead of the video over ip ( right screen).

video over ip latency. Direct feed(left screen), video over ip ( right screen)